FAQ  (Frequently Asked Questions)

beer - A Great Mix Bartenders

As Bartenders, What exactly do you do?
We take care of all your bar needs for any special occasion. These include weddings, corporate events, outdoor events, fundraisers, festivals, cocktail parties, barbeques and any other social gathering.

After contacting us with your information, we will give you a call and discuss your details with you and we will then send you an itemized liquor estimate and price quote as well as some other helpful information and cost saving options for your event.

If I need a licensed bartender can I get this from you?
Yes; as bartenders in Ontario can be certified and insured A Great Mix bartenders are both certified and insured.

Are your bartenders certified?
Yes all of our bartenders are certified, “Smart serve accredited” and have attended an alcohol awareness training program, giving them the knowledge to serve alcohol safely and appropriately and in accordance with the municipal by-laws.

Are your bartenders insured?
Yes, our bartenders are insured.

What do your bartenders wear?
Our bartenders are “attired as desired”.  They will dress for a black tie event (tuxedo shirt & bow tie), in all black, golf shirts with collar and company name, or even in Aloha Shirts if that is your theme or choice.

How will we know if a person works for you at our event?
All of our staff wear nametags.

Bartenders at A Great MixHow many bartenders will I need?
The general rule is one bartender for 50-75 people depending on the type of bar and the service required. For example if it is a wedding with full bar service then I would suggest two bartenders for 100 or more people.

What Areas do you Service?
We generally serve the Simcoe County and Greater Toronto Area (GTA) as well as Muskoka. We will howeverf travel to your destination.

How far in advance do I have to reserve your services?
The sooner the better as dates fill up fast. We suggest that you reserve our services as soon as you confirm your date and you are confident with the services that we are going to provide for you and your guests.

Do you require a deposit?
After we have gone over all your information and you have received our price quote we will meet and do up an itemized itinerary for your event and at that time a deposit will be required. 

Can I buy my own alcohol or is this something you can do?
Yes you can buy your own alcohol with the guidelines we provide or we can make the purchase for you.

Can you take care of all my other bar supplies?
Yes we can take care of all your bar supplies as well as condiments, mixes and bar rentals. These rentals include portable bars and additional glassware.

What happens if someone gets intoxicated at my party?
Our bartenders are experienced to deal with these situations.  They will silently monitor guests.  If a situation occurs our bartenders are trained to diffuse the situation in a friendly and tactful manner.

Do I need a Permit?
Yes you will need a Special Occasion Permit (SOP) if your event is taking place at a hall or public venue. You do not need a permit if your event is taking place on private property. This is something we can assist you with or take care of for you.

What is Special Events insurance and is this something I need?
Special event insurance covers losses resulting from non-liquor related activities, for example damage to personal or venue property.
General liability does not cover losses related to alcohol. This is something that you will need unless the event is being held on private property. I would however still recommend that you purchase this coverage as house insurance may not cover alcohol related losses.

What is Liquor liability insurance?
This type of insurance policy would cover losses related to liquor related activities, for example an injury or accident occurrence related to alcohol.


Thank You to “A Great Mix Bartending” We were very pleased with our “Hawaiian Wedding” we could not have pulled it off without your awesome “theme drinks”. Guests favourite was the Pineapple Blue Lagoon. Your staff & services were incredible.

Cheers to A Great Mix!!
Fred & Mary